What Does ADA Mean and Why is This Important?

What Does ADA Mean and Why is This Important?
The acronym
“ADA” is commonly used,
especially in reference to commercial or public facilities. ADA
guidelines can also be helpful in your home environment. But what
does ADA mean? And how can it help

stands for
the Americans with Disabilities Act, which was
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About Us

The Lehigh Valley Senior Services Council was created in 2009 to promote awareness of resources available to older adults and their families. Elders and their family members usually learn of the need for long term care and related services as a result of illness, injury or other life altering events. We can help an individual or family find resources that will empower them so that they are prepared to handle situations as they arise or if a need becomes a crisis situation. We provide education such as group seminars and on-site health fairs for community groups, businesses or corporations. We can offer our expertise to you in areas of:

  • Estate planning, wills, trusts and power of attorneys by an Elder Law Attorney
  • Help with identifying problems with loved ones, offer guidance, advice, and transitional management by a Geriatric Care Manager
  • Companionship and assistance to help one maintain their independence and safety in their own home; as well as Medical Management with Medical and Non-medical home care agencies and an In-home Physician
  • Smooth moving and transition to a new living environment with the help of a dedicated Realtor and a Move Management company
  • Discounted long term care insurance: A program of long term care insurance is an important part of one’s retirement plan as it can help ensure a plan for financing the cost of caregiving in elder years.

Most individuals are uninformed but concerned about making the right decision for their loved ones and the Lehigh Valley Senior Services Council can help them do just that!